Fit For Fun

The Longterm


August 1 - August 7

CHF 895

Fantastic Swiss mountains, fitness with focus on fun, discovery and relaxation in the perfect mix.

Will definitely take place in compliance with the BAG guidelines and with 8 or more participants.

All sports lessons and activities are included in the price. You can participate in all lessons spontaneously and without registration. All sport lessons take place indoors, in the most modern gyms of the Swiss Alps, or outdoors with a wonderful panorama.

Ideal for solo, couple or group vacations of all fitness levels.



Specific Dates

August 1st to August 7th, 2021


Bootcamp workouts can vary but ours is definitely focused on fun. They generally include a fairly intense mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements within each class section – the perfect full body workout. A bootcamp workout is essentially a type of interval training – bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. Depending on the weather we will offer a variety of in- and outdoor bootcamps.


Depending on the coach who accompanies the week, there are workout variations such as Afrobeat Workout, Pound, Antara and much more. Look forward to an active hour full of surprises.


Unlike traditional boxing that requires you to spar with a partner, fitness boxing for adults involves throwing punches at the air or into your training partners gloves. During class you follow a leader and do a series of boxing moves, similar to an aerobics class to music. The moves include a combination of punches and short, quick steps forward and back. Additionally, you learn classic boxing punches and defense together in groups of two.


During the opening times of our partner gyms and boxes, there is always the possibility of an open gym at any time so that you can work on your skills or train even more if you like.


For everyone who would like to spend the day individually, actively, plan a tour and still not want to miss out on a workout, there is HIIT. A short, high-intensity and full body interval training.


Here we actively, dynamically and holistically train your mobility and pay attention to both your muscles and your fasciae. We improve active mobility, joint positions and the gliding ability of the fasciae, increase the range of motion and the effectiveness of your training and well-being.


Our yoga lessons are specially designed to optimally complement the sports fitness program. They should serve for regeneration but also promote mobility, balance and flexibility and relax the muscles used during the day or warm them up in the morning to prevent injuries and fatigue.


Breathing in general leads a shadowy existence, although it plays a decisive role in the human system as a whole. How we breathe not only has physical effects, but also has a massive impact on our psyche. Stress, tension, poor posture and harmful habits cause many people to breathe too shallowly. Our system receives too little oxygen. One of the most obvious consequences is then rapid fatigue and the associated exhaustion. Welcome to the world of breath.


Together we will actively discover the beautiful nature and mountains of Switzerland and move around in the fresh air, hopefully with beautiful weather and sunshine.


Everybody has a story to tell after Lockdown! Catch up with people in a safe environment – where your safety is always first. During our welcome, dinner evenings and all other activities you have the opportunity to meet many like-minded people and make new friends. Sometimes new couples go home together and there are already some fitnessholiday babies.


Our long-term partners and nutrition experts at erpse institute have developed a food guide for beginners, moderate, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, which will be made available to you before you start your journey with us. We are convinced of the plant-based diet which focuses on foods primarily from plants. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. It doesn’t mean that you are vegetarian or vegan and never eat meat, fish or diary. All of our nutrition guides are plant-based.


We attach great importance to mental health as it is a big part of our health as well. Therefore we would like to give you the opportunity to deal with this topic a little. Our mental coaching partner, Sandra Künzler has therefore developed a guide for you with valuable tips, tricks and tools for your everyday life on the topics of work-life-balance, sleep quality and stress reduction in general. If you like, use your free time to take a look and do the practical exercises for you personally. You will be amazed at the simple, effective tools available for a more fulfilling life to perform at your personal best.


CHF 895.00

What is included?

7-Day signature stay Saturday to Saturday
Signature Welcome Drink
Participation in perfectly coordinated fitness, yoga & activity program
Entry to fitness and box during official opening hours (open gym)
Experienced travel guide during your whole stay
Expert nutrition guide for all fitness levels
Mental coaching guide to be able to perform at your personal best
fitnessholiday surprise give-away

What is not included?

Transportation to and from Scuol or Saas-Fee
Accommodation & food
Costs for optional dinner evenings (self-pay based)


In Scuol as well as in Saas-Fee we train in the most modern gyms and and boxes in the Swiss Alps.


The box in the heart of the Swiss Alps is located on the 3rd basement of the Walliserhof Grand Hotel & SPA in Saas-Fee. Right next to the CrossFit Box is a weightlifting room, which makes every athlete’s heart beat faster. The spacious room includes 150m2 of training area and the weightlifting room is 55m2. The stylish facilities are equipped with elastic special floors, which have non-slip and joint-gentle damping properties.

In the newly designed Fit & Fun area of Hotel Walliserhof you can train on the latest equipment from Technogym and gym80. The opening hours for the gym are 6 am till 12 pm.

All rooms of the Walliserhof Grand Resort & Spa are designed in a modern alpine style. After a sporty day, they offer you enough space and peace for dreamlike regeneration. The architect deliberately used natural materials, such as local woods like spruce and oak. Slate, stone and various wool fabrics exude comfort and pleasant warmth.
At above 2100m2 an alpine retreat of peace and relaxation welcomes you. Various saunas, a steam bath, a whirlpool and a light-flooded relaxation zone awaits you in the hotel own spa area. The wellness experts from the hotel will pamper you in several treatment rooms with massages, cosmetic treatments, baths and backs.

FIT FOR FUN The Longterm Saas-Fee August 1 – August 7


CHF 895.00