5 Mar, 2021

It has been a little quieter on the travel market for a while and we have taken the time to revise our website and our offers and adapt them to the current situation. Of course we hope that we will soon be able to hold our original Mallorca camps again – until then, however, we will use the time to travel a little differently. In 2021 we will mainly stay in Switzerland and explore the beautiful mountain landscapes in Saas-Fee and Scuol with our friends from CrossFit Saas-Fee and ORIGYM.

Fitnessholiday has grown up, so it was time for a nice new dress. Reduced to the essentials, simple and still with our favorite color green. All of our offers can now be booked online, which simplifies the booking and payment process.

In addition to our standard Cross Performance and Fit For Fun offers, we have added another – MIND. In the future we would like to dedicate ourselves to the topics of yoga, meditation and mindfulness for beginners in a little more detail because we believe that it is of fundamental importance to bring these topics closer to you.

Another new feature is that all of our offers have become more flexible. You can now decide for yourself whether you want to book your overnight stay with us or yourself and whether you only want to spend a day, a long weekend or a whole week with us. All offers can be flexibly combined with one another, making it easier for you to find the right one.

Our fitnessholiday groups will be a bit smaller than normal this year – so we can guarantee that each of our camps can be carried out safely in compliance with the applicable measures.

We have taken the time to show you exactly what is included in our offers, how we structure them and what is behind them. Fitnessholiday is not just sport and a timetable but much, much more.

Our fitnessholiday family has stayed the same as before and we look forward to the next adventure with you.